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various stories by Zsolt Kerekes

Alexander White and the Goblins (short story)

Privett is a sleepy village in Hampshire in Old England. It's a very traditional place and nothing exciting ever happens there. Or at least that's what most people think... The people who live there keep quiet about what really goes on, because they don't want lots of reporters disturbing their peace. If the TV news people knew what an exciting place it really was, they would probably keep a camera crew there all the time. Yet still they might see nothing. Because the most exciting things happen at night, when all the good people of Privett are tucked up in bed. ...continue reading the story

Alexander White and the Pirates (novel)

It was February in Privett and it was raining. In January it rained and washed away the first sprinkle of snow. In December it had rained on New Year's Eve and made the bonfire go smoky. Alexander's godmother Janet had used her magic skills to light the fireworks, and the rockets still went up in the air with a bang, which surprised the brown chickens who slept in the overlooking yew hedge. Alexander had to stand inside the garden shed out of the rain while the rockets were being aimed, and then dash out to see the trail of light flashing upwards into the sky. Then back in again to keep dry. The chickens in the hedge wondered if it would be all right for them to go inside as well. But they stayed in their nest, because they were suspicious of all this dashing about, and had heard rumours about a barbecue. In November, before that, it rained and all the roads got flooded. Then some of the roads got renamed into rivers. Then some of the rivers got renamed into lakes. The swans were happy. But Alexander was not. It seemed like it had been raining for ages. The last time it didn't rain was nearly a year ago, on the night when Alexander got kidnapped by the goblin king... ...continue reading the story

Jamie and the Tree Troll (novella)

In my grandmother's day adults used to say that little children should be seen but not heard. And children used to go to bed when they were told. That could be as early as 7 or 8 o' clock. Nowadays things are quite different. It's hard to get the Little Darlings to go to bed before 9 o' clock (on a school day). And if the following day is a weekend or a holiday, they'll try and talk you into letting them stay up as late as the adults. Sometimes parents get so tired of providing nonstop food and entertainment they feel as if they are the ones who should be going to bed first. And if you think getting the Little Whatsits to bed is the start of a quiet child-free night - you're sadly mistaken. ...continue reading the story

Princess Laura and the Unsuitable Dragon Suitors (novella)

In one way, Princess Laura was just like all the other princesses you read about in fairy stories… She liked pretty new dresses and shiny new shoes. But in most ways Princess Laura was very different to the silly princesses you read about in other stories. When other princesses got a new pair of shiny black shoes with diamond encrusted gold buckles, they would probably spend all day indoors gazing at their reflection in the shoes and showing their maids how glittery they were. Not Princess Laura. She didn't care about gold and diamonds. She thought the best way to test new shoes was to find a muddy puddle and splash right in. If her feet stayed dry the shoes had passed the first test. ...continue reading the story

My Pact with the Goblin Queen (short story)

I'm writing this story as a result of a pact I made with a goblin ghoul last night as I was walking home up the hill near Withdean in Brighton. Every part of it is true and exactly how I remember, though the events of last night now seem like they happened in another world. As I look at these words it seems strange that I could be writing them. Who will believe what I have to say? You, Dear Reader, safe in the daylight or under the protective glow of your electric light can have no conception of the horrors that dwell so close to our twenty first century civilisation, just beyond the reach of the shadows. But I must hurry. My life depends on completing this tale before she returns. ...continue reading the story

The Goblins Are Coming! (novella)

The goblins are coming, one, two three.
Hide in the cellar. Hide in the tree.

The goblins are coming... When Sandy was four they told him about the goblins to stop him wandering off by himself.

"Don't go in the woods or the hills on your own. The goblins will get you."

When he was eight he went off with some older boys on a hike to the lake a few miles north. They hadn't seen any goblins but they caught a sack full of fish.

Thwack. "Don't you remember what I said about the goblins?" his uncle said. "They're coming from the north. They could have got all of you." Another thwack of the belt.

Sandy kept quiet. He knew he was in the wrong and took his punishment as a just desert. But no one he knew had ever seen a goblin so he stopped being scared. When he was twelve and the memory of his chastisement had faded, he in his turn led a group of younger boys and girls to the lake to go fishing, It was traditional.

It was peaceful by the lake and even the smallest four year olds kept quiet.

"If you make a noise the fish will go away and we'll beat you up" the older boys, including Sandy, had said.

For young children gripped by the terror that you might meet a goblin or get beaten up if you made a noise, and would certainly get beaten by your parents when you got back home, the unnatural state of keeping quiet was a small price to pay for the thrill of just being there. You could get away from the boring village in which you knew every spider's web and rat's nest and puppy. Someone might drown! And you could catch lots of fresh fish just like the grownups when they went down south.

They caught few fish that day. But they didn't get punished at home either....continue reading the story

Penelope's Secrets (novel)

Everyone's got an unfinished novel right?

Mine has been unfinished longer than most. I started writing it in 1994 and circulated the first handful of chapters in paper book form. Then in 2000 I put it on the web and continued writing till it got to be about 78,000 words long. It's set about 4,000 years in the future. (Maybe by then it will be finished.) The link takes you to the 2007 archived version of the text.

Scythia, a hill. Only yesterday morning, and throughout the ages of history before, this tussock had been of no interest to anyone. Yesterday morning a single cow and a few sheep had picked over the choicest blades of fresh unchewed grass, and their dung showed how long they had ruled this little domain. The rabbit droppings sprinkled around the small mound of grass suggested that other creatures too, sometimes came this way. When night fell, the screeching of the fox was silenced for the first time by the clamping march of armoured men. next chapter Unlike the campsites of old, no tents were raised that night. For this was an army on the run. ...continue reading the story

Chiltington Lane

This is a little web site about the pretty lane in East Sussex where I have been living since 2007.

The Alternative Adventures of Megabyte the Mouse

This is a cartoon strip for young children which I assembled in December 2003 using characters from the computer buyer's guide I published at the time called StorageSearch.com.

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